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Beautiful Bathroom Tile Design

These pictures were submitted by one of our bathroom remodeling experts.  This design is very elegant.

bathroom tile design


This bathroom floor design features beige and cream colored square travertine tiles.  The tile layer placed them in a checkerboard pattern.  He used intersections to place a diamond shaped pattern out of small, accent tiles in earth-toned colors.   The over-all look is amazing.

travertine bathroom tiles


Here’s another view of the bathroom that includes the bathtub in the picture.  Notice how well the poured marble bathtub surroundings and steps go with the travertine tiles.  It’s a perfect combination to give a very luxurious look.

arched overhang in bathroom


Above the bathtub is a matching poured marble overhang with a very elegant arch in the middle.  The bathroom designer spared no expense when designing this entire bathroom layout.  The bathroom decorator also did a great job by including the sconces, candle holders and chocolate brown curtains.

picture of a marble shower


This bathroom also uses the same poured marble in the shower.  The shower has his and her shower heads and a bench on both sides of the shower as well as a convenient and handy niche to store shampoo and soap.

picture of his and her sinks


The bathroom designer tied the design together by using the same poured marble for the countertops with “his and her sinks” as well as a makeup area in the middle and used very dark brown cabinets with brushed nickel handles and brushed nickel faucets.

This bathroom truly is awesome and the tile design is one of the reasons it all goes so well together.  Kudos to a job well done!   Please keep sending us photos of your own bathroom renovations or pictures of new bathroom designs.

More Bathroom Tile Pictures

As promised, here are some bathroom tile pictures from my own house.  Hopefully these will give you some good ideas of tiling options for your bathrooms.

small bathroom tile pictures


In this photo you’ll notice we used medium sized tiles for the main part of this small bathroom’s floor.  Then we used smaller patterned tiles for accents every so often.  This looks really nice and the rich colors of the small accent tiles tie in well with the black toilet and black sink.  The overall design looks great and cohesive together.

bathroom floor tiles picture


You’ll notice this picture looks very similar to the first one.  But this is a different bathroom.  We used the same ceramic bathroom tiles as the first one but instead of using smaller patterned tiles we used the same sized tiles with darker richer colors to break it up and make a design.  I think that’s a great idea, much better than just using all the same type tiles.

bathroom tile design idea


Here’s another photo of bathroom tiles from my home.  Notice how we used very large travertine tiles and then contrasted those by running a criss crossing pattern of tiny accent tiles through them to form a checkerboard pattern.  We then broke it up by running a row of rectangle white tiles and then started the same design again pointing in a different direction.  Changing up directions is always a great idea when creating a unique tile design.

black and white bathroom tile


Here’s a picture of another bathroom, this time with a black and white tile theme.  You can’t see the entire bathroom area in this photo but the steps and base of the tub are tiled with small square black tiles only.  It gives great contrast to the white bathtub.  There is a giant mirror on the wall and another giant mirror on the opposite wall.  The tiles really look great from the reflections back and forth.

For this last picture, this is from my relatives’ house.  This is an example of what not to do.

vinyl bathroom tiles


This bathroom tile design gets a big thumbs down.  If you look at the flooring you’ll notice how it is peeled up in places and the tiles have separated.  Any time you deal with linoleum or vinyl tiles there is always the chance that the tiles will get wet and begin to separate, especially when they are in the bathroom floor near a toilet, bathtub, sink or shower.

You’ll also notice the hideous white and yellow tiles that are tiled about five feet high on the walls and then topped off with wallpaper.  The final straw is the toilet seat not matching the ugly yellow toilet.  I showed you this picture mostly so you won’t use vinyl or linoleum but also to give you some ideas of what colors not to go with.  Be creative and try to come up with several ideas and you will eventually produce your own great design.

Bathroom Tile Design Pictures

Here are some bathroom tile pictures to show you some different types of tile designs you can implement in your home.  Hopefully these photos will inspire you and give you some bathroom tile ideas of your own.

Bathroom Tile Designs

bathroom tile designs

There are literally millions of different tile combinations you can use to create a design for your bathroom.  Some people like big tiles and others like small tiles.  Some like patterns and others like either plain or abstract.  You can use travertine tiles, ceramic tiles, and many other variations of tiles.    There is also no limit to the color schemes you can come up with.

Many people like to use Earth tones colors in their bathrooms and they go with brown, beige and tan colored tiles, some prefer black and white tiles, others prefer colorful tiles.  Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder when dealing with designing a bathroom and selecting the right tiles.

bathroom tile ideas

My personal preference is to use large tiles throughout and then use small tiles to accent for borders and corners.  I also like to run tiles different ways to distinguish different sections of the design.

Below are more photos of bathrooms utilizing different types of tiles in their designs.  At the bottom I will post some of my own designs from my own house.  The ideas we came up with were done to compliment the particular sinks, tubs, showers, and walls in the rooms in a unique way.  More on that later, but for now, here are more design ideas for you.

bathroom tile shower walls

In the picture above you can see many design ideas in effect.  There are large tiles vertically half way up the wall and the same large tiles are running diagonally at the top.  There are medium sized tiles in the border surrounded by very small accent tiles .  There are also  accent tiles throughout the top positioned vertically in a very nice pattern.    The contrast of all these different sized tiles positioned in different directions gives a very beautiful appearance.  I also really like the Earth tone colors.  The floor of the shower is also tiled with the same tiles.  It creates a very cool geometric shape to have the tiles on the bottom and the sides that way.

bathroom tile around bathtub

Putting tiles on the walls around a bathtub can really spruce up the look of your bathroom and can add value to your home.  Bathroom renovations don’t have to be expensive if you plan ahead and are careful with your budget.

bathroom tile shower

The tile design in the photo above is an excellent pattern as well.  Notice how they used large tiles for the wall, used medium tiles around the borders of the bottom of the shower, and then they used small tiles in a different direction for the shower floor.  This gives the shower an incredible look and is a real eye catcher.

bathroom tiles pattern

Here’s another picture of a simple bathroom renovation where tiles were used to give the bathroom a new look.  Bold colored tiles are placed in a pattern to give the otherwise blah walls a pop of color.  Again we see the use of different sized tiles.  That’s always a good idea in my opinion.

bathroom tile walls

This is a unique and interesting bathroom tile design idea.  Rather than being in a uniform pattern they placed photo tiles randomly on the walls.  There is no rhyme or reason to the pattern but it seems to work well for them.  They also use very small accent tiles at the bottom to create a tall border.  The contrast gives an interesting look.

colorful bathroom tiles

I absolutely love this tile design.  This bathroom has very colorful glass tiles in different shades of purple and blue.   It definitely has a wow factor about it.  The tiles aren’t in any particular pattern which was all part of the design idea.  They were randomly placed on purpose.

bathroom sink backsplash tiles

This is one of the most elegant bathroom tile designs I’ve seen.  The brown, grays, and beige colors are very rich and beautiful.  I love the use of the small tiles with the accent border right above them.  The backsplash goes very well with the antique bronze faucets and handles as well as the granite countertop.

floor tiles in the bathroom

Here’s a photo of a bathroom tile design that I really like.  I like the use of all the patterns and different sized tiles.  I also like the use of the bolder colors around the edges and borders.  It sets the stage for anything else placed in the room.

travertine tiles in bathroom shower

Here’s one more picture of travertine bathroom tiles used for the shower walls.  Even though these tiles are all the same size and even though there are no tiles used for a border, they still were able to give it an extra wow factor by turning the tiles into a diamond shape in the middle of the wall.  Creating shapes out of shapes, when installing bathroom tiles, is always a great idea.

I hope these pictures have given you some inspiration as well as some new design ideas of your own.  Feel free to share your pics of your own bathrooms with us.  We’d love to see your designs.  As I mentioned previously, I’ll be posting pictures of the tilework in my own bathrooms shortly.  We have six bathrooms, four full baths and 2 half-baths.  Each of them has different tile themes.  I’m excited to sharing them with you and I will look forward to your comments about them.