More Bathroom Tile Pictures

As promised, here are some bathroom tile pictures from my own house.  Hopefully these will give you some good ideas of tiling options for your bathrooms.

small bathroom tile pictures


In this photo you’ll notice we used medium sized tiles for the main part of this small bathroom’s floor.  Then we used smaller patterned tiles for accents every so often.  This looks really nice and the rich colors of the small accent tiles tie in well with the black toilet and black sink.  The overall design looks great and cohesive together.

bathroom floor tiles picture


You’ll notice this picture looks very similar to the first one.  But this is a different bathroom.  We used the same ceramic bathroom tiles as the first one but instead of using smaller patterned tiles we used the same sized tiles with darker richer colors to break it up and make a design.  I think that’s a great idea, much better than just using all the same type tiles.

bathroom tile design idea


Here’s another photo of bathroom tiles from my home.  Notice how we used very large travertine tiles and then contrasted those by running a criss crossing pattern of tiny accent tiles through them to form a checkerboard pattern.  We then broke it up by running a row of rectangle white tiles and then started the same design again pointing in a different direction.  Changing up directions is always a great idea when creating a unique tile design.

black and white bathroom tile


Here’s a picture of another bathroom, this time with a black and white tile theme.  You can’t see the entire bathroom area in this photo but the steps and base of the tub are tiled with small square black tiles only.  It gives great contrast to the white bathtub.  There is a giant mirror on the wall and another giant mirror on the opposite wall.  The tiles really look great from the reflections back and forth.

For this last picture, this is from my relatives’ house.  This is an example of what not to do.

vinyl bathroom tiles


This bathroom tile design gets a big thumbs down.  If you look at the flooring you’ll notice how it is peeled up in places and the tiles have separated.  Any time you deal with linoleum or vinyl tiles there is always the chance that the tiles will get wet and begin to separate, especially when they are in the bathroom floor near a toilet, bathtub, sink or shower.

You’ll also notice the hideous white and yellow tiles that are tiled about five feet high on the walls and then topped off with wallpaper.  The final straw is the toilet seat not matching the ugly yellow toilet.  I showed you this picture mostly so you won’t use vinyl or linoleum but also to give you some ideas of what colors not to go with.  Be creative and try to come up with several ideas and you will eventually produce your own great design.